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  1. I am about to make the final roof decisions for my own tiny house. I am trying to find a balance between cost, energy efficiency, and weight.

    Would you be willing to share how expensive your roofing project has been?

    Thanks! I love seeing all of your progress.


    • Claire, i dont mind sharing at all. I did my research on standard metal roofing that most put ontop of tiny homes and the country mankr shake roof not only reflects a large amount of uv rays it also provides extra insulation. I loved it b/c it was different and had many options of colors. Cost wise it is slightly different from state to state but i would call classic metal roofing systems and they can help with pricing.. If you look at the video i posted on my instagram you can see the temp difference with the roof on and without the cointry mankr shake roof on . It was about a 30 degree difference Mid morning and 20 degree difference mid afternoon .


  2. I saw your tiny house at the boat ramp in west Sacramento ca. Two days in a row I was so excited and so hoping you would come out so we could talk! I love tiny houses I live I a 720 soft house two blocks from the boat ramp!
    Hope you enjoyed your stay and I wish you happy safe travels! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™πŸ˜€πŸš›πŸšπŸœ


    • The screen covers my whole loft from one side of the tiny house to the other . So that open spot that would allow me to look down to the rest of the tiny house is covered and my projector is in the back . Will post video and pics soon


  3. Hello! I am a tiny house addict with experience in flipping homes and innovative construction. I am looking to work or intern for a company where my passion and skills could be put to good use. Building and designing homes is my dream, and while I have no formal education maximizing space and solving structural problems comes naturally to me. I’m just looking for a chance to show what I’m capable of and thought I’d give your company a try. As I said I’m willing to intern until I prove my worth. Please let me know what I can do to make this a possibility. Thank you for your time.
    -MACKENZIE Evans 4434657922


  4. HI Mario, love your original house – design and aesthetic. I’m practicing for a tiny house in a camping trailer and in process of building a composting toilet. Ordered and received the same urine diverter you use but am having trouble finding a toilet seat who’s lid covers the seat; I’m in Canada. Suggestions please. Thanks.


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