Items we use in out Tiny House 2.0

we had a tankless ater heater in out first tiny house and decide to do the same in out second tiny house. 

Tankless water Heater

 lots of natural light coming into our house helps make it look bigger but also great to see the night sky when laying in bed. we also use the veil in the kitchen to help keep good air coming and bad air to escape, did I mention its wireless 

Egress skylight  solar skylight

Keeping with out wireless setup, Philips hue lights let us control our lights with our phones 

wireless lights

We tried making our own composting toilet in our first tiny house and it worked great. after trying the villa we were sold and haven’t looked back on the second tiny house. feels more like a real toilet 


this was a luxury item that we decide to go with and love it so much . I have a bad back and being able to adjust when watching tv or just relaxing in bed

bed base


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