Tiny house for sale 

It’s been an amazing journey since I started building my tiny house , with more to add. This way of living is something I wish I was wise enough to do many years ago but glad I figured it out now . I am married to an amazing beautiful woman who has imbraced the tiny house lifestyle. As I built this tiny house to fit all my needs I now must make sure the new tiny house that my wife and I will build fits both of  our needs. Which is the main reason for selling my tiny house , to get the funds to build a new one for me and my wife.
If you have followed my story you have seen my tiny house has used the highest quality materials around and haven’t skimmed on anything. The trailer is designed for the tiny house, siding is natural cedar, wireless lights and aluminum roof that looks like copper. Also have a solar skylight that automatically opens and closes. I have 3.5 inches of closed cell spray foam that is soy based.

My tiny house is priced at a turn key. Inside appliances and solar taken out but everything else left in it. Essentially you can get an almost turn key tiny house completed minus appliances and solar system.

Only serious Buyers please: message for pricing

Outside : cypress 20 model , used tumbleweed plans

-2×4 construction

-jeld wen windows (13)

-cedar siding with rose wood oil sealer

– country manor shake roof , copper color , reflects 95% of uv rays , with foam insert in each shingle

-grace ice water and shield  roof under layment

– velux solar skylight with its own power and rain sensor, wireless remote

-egress skylight in loft


-3.5 inches  closed cell spray foam spy based, professionally installed

-.25 inch tongue and groove pine for walls

-600cfm commercial range hood stainless steel

-stainless steel four burner stove

-30 inch wide 9 inch deep stainless steel sink with commercial faucet

-four season tankless water heater

-LG ARTCOOL 9k BTU split unit / wireless control with iPhone app. Handle -14f temp

-salt water batteries with Schneider electronics invert/convert for 120v/240v  with Schneider solar charge controller

-wireless LED LIGHTS controlled by phone app or wireless switches  from Phillips hue inside and outside

-USB plugs in outlets

-copper piping inside for hot and cold water

-80 inch projector screen in loft

-much much more

62 comments on “Tiny house for sale 

  1. Where is it currently located? (state). We will be traveling outside in October and if still available might like to stop in a take a look. Very interested. please email me details.


  2. Can I please have the tiny house. In my mind you said I can have it. I think it is pretty tiny house. I saw it had a washer/dryer. It looks nice on the exterior, very pretty, sturdy. I like the mixed wood. It looks it will be cozy n a place I would like. I do need a place to live. Perhaps I will find a location n get back to you. Please include the solar system n other items. I also like the sofa please. I will search for a location n get back to you. Presently I am in Richmond, Va. Thank you very much. In my mind if i haven’t said it yet you don’t say i can have the tiny home. It will be very very appreciated.


    • You were correct. I did say you can have it. It’s all yours. Just deposit the money into my account and I will personally deliver it to you. 👍👍👍. I will make sure to include the solar system and other items …


  3. Mario
    We get a lot of potential customers that can’t wait for use to build their tiny house.
    I will have them contact you.
    Let me know if you sell it
    Pat @ California Tiny House. 🌴😎🌴


      • No plans to return to California? I live on the coast near Carmel. I have business in L.A. next week, but have no time to get to Vegas. Sure would like to see your rig.


  4. Saw your tiny house and had to say really well done. I had to comment on the posts. I don’t understand why everyone thinks you build these. Your ad is very clear that your selling this one so you can build a bigger one for you and your wife. Hope you don’t loose your mind while trying to sell this one. I almost did lol. Have a great day and best wishes


  5. The prices seem a little too good to be true, or perhaps I am misunderstanding what is included with each price. Am I to understand that all the appliances (washer/dryer, stove, water heater, etc) minus the solar system are included in the turn key price of 32k?


    • That is correct. It’s not to good to be true. Doesn’t seem like other understand the great amazing deal they are getting. They can save thousands of dollars in just material costs, then when you add in labor and time . It’s even way more savings. I priced it to sell. But maybe I priced it to low and people think it’s to good to be true. I might have to price it a little higher for people to feel
      Comfortable with all high end quality stuff there getting .


  6. Love the house..its now the end of November and haven’t seen anything else posted. Is it still for sale? Could you post a couple more pics..of the living area and of the bathroom?


  7. I’m presuming the batteries are integral to the solar panels. Or can they be charged by a generator or electrical landline? I’m limited for sunshine here in Minnesota. Of course the follow up question is whether the batteries would be sold separate from the solar panels? Thanks, Mark Schroeder


  8. Hello Mario:) I’m interested in learning more about your AWG, the link on Tumbleweed was bad… also I noticed that Aquion filed for bankruptcy and their batteries are no longer available:( Do you have any insight on this and is there a comparable technology out there?


  9. Mario, I’d love to know more about your salt water batteries. The only ones I can find are the Aquion batteries which don’t seem to be available in Oregon now and the European Blue Sky Energy people. Thanks!


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