Great Walls of TinyMD

Picked up my wood from home depot with such excitement . I thought getting my trailer was exciting but this topped that as it seemed more real then ever. You can only do so much planning and research ,eventually you just have to DO. Thats what i am doing now ,just doing it .Ya i went a little nike quote there!!!!


first wall

How do you describe the feeling as they put your house or pieces of your house on your trailer. My first thought was ,hey this will be just like legos as a kid, snapping pieces together to form that cool castle or in my case my cool house and using nails.



From the trailer into my garage piece by piece flat on the floor. That is key laying your wood Flat, always lay your wood flat on top of each other so it stay straights and doesn’t bend. You can see on the left i followed my instruction very well but on the right, nope. Oh ya my tools, lots of searching for the best price and quality for TinyMD.



First Great Wall up and it took me a whole day. Later i went back and fixed allot of my mistakes learning experiences. 



IMG_0008 IMG_0009 IMG_2005

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